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We love books, we love their authors and the people who read them.

BookSerf is all about being open with your love of books and elevating your life, through finding new people and ideas to meet.

the Story of bookserf

It all started with dreaming a community of like minded people meeting via their choice of books.
We built a simple website for people to upload their books, and lend them for 2 weeks.

The concept was based on expanding your reach for books around you, and listening to interesting stories by a like-minded peer.
It's not renting, but sharing. Because highly probably, the person asking to borrow a book also has some books that you might be interested in. Hence even though it's not a prerequisite for sharing a book, it's very likely to exchange books simultaneously.

Pick a book you like

Search is based on books, not personal profiles

Writing a proposal

Messaging the owner of the book with your interest and a little bit about you.

Meeting and exchange

You'll meet at your desired location to exchange the book and a have a short conversation.

and it worked pretty well!

Seçme Serİler

Paylaşan sayısı arttıkça benzer konularda çılgın kitaplar da birikiyor. İşte bize göre bir araya getirmeye değer kitap seçkisi. Seçtiğin ilgi alanlarına göre haftalık kitap tavsiyeleri sen istedigin sürece e-posta kutunda. Hepsi okurlarından birebir ödünç alabileceğin kitaplar!

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People were sharing books, naturally, authors were mentioned pretty often in those conversations. We thought it would be great to include the authors' view of their own libraries and what they prefer to read, and make it is available for all.


Books were being borrowed and shared, and authors interviewed. Then we started organizing events to bring the two together.

Publishing houses, magazines and other sponsors joined in the fun, happy to find so many book lovers part of the newly emerging circular economy.

Authors and their libraries


At these events, a pattern started to form. The joy of talking to newly met though like-minded people about books was so emotionally refreshing! Our members wished it to happen in their workplace, during their city wanderings, and with their friends and family.

For book-related encounters to become everyday, there was an intense desire for products that would signal in a subtle yet powerful way our love for books

Favorite book necklaces

We started with making wooden book shaped necklaces and let people write their favorite book on them. This was BookSerf's first product for book lovers, and yes they really loved it!
Since then, we’ve been coming up with all kinds of designs that start the best kinds of conversations

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